Expertise and Experience

We are professional service providers specializing in both AdWords PPC Strategies and Landing Page Optimization. Myself alone, I have more than 11 years hands-on experience in SEO and 5+ years AdWords experience. This experience is further amplified by having attained professional certification with both Google AdWords and Google Analytics programs. This certification status attained via "Google Partners" program which requires both individuals and agencies to sit for a beginner and advanced exam after completing specific Google MOOCs which are specific to each respective program. You can view our certifications here.

Optimization of Your Landing Pages

We use our finely tuned SEO skills to optimize your website landing pages in our effort to ensure your project's success. We feel this is a necessary step in assuring you a minimal bid pricing when your AdWords campaign goes live. At TechNotate, we understand the various points particular to the Google AdWords program such as grouping keywords by theme, creating relevant advertising copy with appropriate Call To Action statements designed to attract clicks. Further, we understand it is our particular ability to construct your keyword lists in accordance with both user search terms and AdWords Quality guidelines in an effort to earn high Quality Scores or QS for individual keywords. This QS is directly connected to both your bid pricing and also your actual ad rank.

Growing your Business is our objective and we do everything in our power to ensure that your own business goals are connected and aligned to all facets of your marketing and advertising project. In addition, your AdWords campaign or campaigns are aligned with these same business goals an effort that ensures you realize success in the delivery of our services.

How We Build Campaigns

Because we use custom marketing strategies for every client, you are assured your marketing and paid advertising channels are absolutely connected to your overall business goals. In respect to paid advertising channels such as Google AdWords, the first preliminary step in building and/or optimizing your AdWords campaigns is to make certain your reason for advertising is connected to a specific goal or outcome and that this particular goal is reflected in the structure, ad groups, keywords and actual keyword selections throughout the AdWords channel.

Assurance of Our Expertise.

As a TechNotate client your campaign will be designed based on the very latest and cutting edge features available via Google AdWords program. Your assurance is based in both our level of experience and professional certifications in both Google AdWords and Google Analytics. We are certified Google Partners and bring forth many years of campaign management experience in addition to be professionally recognized as an expert by the AdWords and Analytics programs. Additionally, this "Google Partner" status requires we sit for a certification renewal exam every 12 months.

Affordable Services

We also offer very affordable rates and/or all-inclusive custom pricing that features a flat rate for your entire project. Plus, we let you select how we price your work.

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